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Survivor Caramoan: Weak Eating The Weak - Here's The Rankings
Rankings by Logan Huffman
March 28, 2013

Not ready to play. Yet.
This week on 'Survivor Caramoan', tensions reached a new high between Corinne and Phillip, with each one complaining to Cochran that they wanted to boot the other.

At the Reward Challenge, despite Phillip's bragging that his strength could carry them to the win, he tired very quickly, allowing Gota yet another win.

Back at camp, Phillip worked to form a long term plan with Julia, but he turned on her after she spoke with Dawn and she ran back to Phillip.

At the Immunity Challenge, Gota claimed yet another win after Phillip couldn't control the grappling hook correctly.

Back at camp, Phillip claimed to Cochran that he had thrown the challenge in order to boot Julia, but after discussing the possibility of splitting the vote to ensure no one had the Idol, Corinne became defensive, wanting Michael to stick around.

This prompted Phillip into wanting to boot Michael, he felt uncomfortable with the close bond Corinne had formed with Michael.

At Tribal Council, Corinne went along with the plan to split the vote, and in the end, Julia was voted out of the game.

How will a merge next week shake up the game?

Here are this week's rankings.....

Got thoughts? Post them at the end.

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