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Survivor Caramoan: There Goes My Favorite Amigo
Commentary by Sam Gross
April 25, 2013

Malcolm Frieberg
Three in a row?
Where do I even begin to express how beyond upset I am by the exit of Malcolm Freberg, the sexiest, cockiest, funniest man on Survivor?

I guess I should start with last week’s Tribal Council. Hands down best Tribal in the history of Survivor. Period.

The only problem was that it didn’t change the game enough to keep him from being voted off.

I still believe that it was Malcolm’s best move to play both idols, however. If he hadn’t, he would have been in an alliance of two.

Arguably, he still could have had more opportunities in the future of the game by keeping one idol, but that is looking in hindsight.

It’s not Malcolm’s fault that the “dumbest Survivor to ever play” didn’t decide to come back this season and make smart moves.

Yes, I am talking about Erik. Erik has been labeled the “dumbest Survivor to ever play” from when he gave up his immunity necklace and got voted out in the original Survivor: Fans vs. Favorites.

Got thoughts? Post them at the end.

Erik has been playing smart so far in the game by laying low, not doing too well in the challenges to avoid appearing as a huge physical threat, but he threw it all away this week.

To win Survivor, you need to make big moves to earn respect from the jury. Erik just missed out on his chance to make a big move.

Right now, he is at the bottom of a six-person alliance. Once this alliance takes off the remaining two amigos, who will they look to vote out? Erik.

He is the next most physical person even if he is trying to seem like he isn’t. He has also been extremely wishy-washy both times he has played, and not many people respect a wishy-washy game.

Wishy-washy gamers are viewed as wildcards, and the alliance would have every reason to vote out a physically strong wildcard.

The most trustworthy players are the ones on the bottom because they have no other options.

If he had changed his vote and voted out Andrea, he would have guaranteed himself a final four spot at the very least. Last time I checked, having a one in four chance of winning Survivor is a whole lot better than a possible one in six chance.

What do I think for the rest of the Survivors?

Starting with Andrea, I think her only flaw so far in the game is making herself too strategic. She is a target because she is too smart, strategic, and likeable.

The makings of a great Survivor and potential winner, but no one would want to sit next to her in the finals for that reason.

Her highlight moment from this episode was not letting Malcolm out of her sight, preventing him from looking for the idol. This literally saved her game. Had he found it, she would probably have been gone.

Brenda, Brenda, Brenda. Until last week, she has been relatively invisible. Having just re-watched her season, Nicaragua, I think this has been a genius move on her part.

Going into the game.....

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