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Survivor Blood Vs Water: Meet Aras and Vytas - Stimpy's Take
By Reality TV Calendar Senior Staff Writer Stimpy
September 7, 2013

Ayas and Vytas
Ayas and Vytas
Stimpy's Take:
So, here we have Aras, the winner of the Exile Island season. Take that one with a grain of salt ladies and gents.

Aras is NOT someone people walk around saying 'this is the guy I'm gonna emulate to win the game'.

Frankly, he was more than just a bit of an arrogant ass throughout his season.

In truth, he didn't overwhelm in any particular area, even the bad areas. And there was just enough 'good' sprinkled in there to get him the win over Danielle.

It should be noted however, that Danielle won the final challenge that season, and chose to lose to Aras, rather than to Terry.

Basically, Danielle wasn't winning squat. So, she chose to keep Aras and he got the win.

But it also needs to be stated that Aras was able to get this win, when he was on a tribe full of nut-jobs, known as Casaya.

These people were all seriously whacked in one way or another.

And through it all, Aras decided to bluntly tell both Cirie and Melinda that he didn't care which of them was going at their next Tribal Council, but it was gonna be one of them.

Yeah, harsh bluntness on Survivor. That's a way to win allies and influence people. It's also a great way to show you don't wield power in the game, thus making yourself seem a threat.


Aras also needed Cirie's 'triple play' to keep his ass in the game when Courtney decided to flip. He was blissfully unaware what was going on prior to that Tribal Council.

And, in a nice show of loyalty, but one lacking in game smarts, at the Final Four, Aras decided to stick with Cirie, and force the tie-vote between her and Danielle.

Most of you know, I ain't Cirie's biggest fan in the world, but I do give her props for her strategic abilities. When it comes to the nuts and bolts of Survivor though, things like, oh I dunno, making fire say, were NOT Cirie's strong point.

So, yeah, good show of loyalty, but damn. That was a big risk to run, because Danielle could have easily told Aras 'fuck you' when it came time to make her final decision.

Plus, going into the final three having to compete against Mr. Cool Dad Himself Terry Deitz, wouldn't you rather go into it with someone who might have a chance?

Seriously, could anyone conceive of a Final Immunity Challenge where Cirie could have beaten Terry?

So, yeah, not Aras' biggest fan in the world. He's not a strategic genius. He's not the best social player in the world, and while he's got some physical chops, I don't see him being able to run the gauntlet this season.

Plus, I don't see the 'drive' here. Aras says he thinks 'they' have a great shot at winning.

Add to that, Aras is talking of the 'experience' and how it will bring them closer together, blah, blah, blah.

Try therapy you dolt.

Oh, and the 'experience' you should be aiming for? Not to just partake in Survivor, but to actually win it.

And, I don't see that emanating from Aras.

That brings us to Vytas.

And oh, boy, this is not looking good.

There's talk of the 'experience'. He thinks he can truly outwit, outlast and outplay, but doesn't give a whiff that he knows what it'll take to do that. Then, in an almost flippant way, he mentions 'the prize'.

Now I did like how he mentions that being a former drug addict, that he knows how to manipulate people.

But, manipulating people to get drugs, or help you get drugs, is one thing. Manipulating people on Survivor is another.

He also speaks of being assertive, and Aras even made a comment about Vytas' temper.

You can see red-flags all over the place here.

While he gets the social aspect of things, he does speak of how he might not be the most 'well liked' person out there, then adds that is not such a bad thing to be getting to the end.

And, Stimpy sez: Pardon?

Um, Vytas? Getting to the end of Survivor and not being the 'most liked' is unequivocally the chief 'bad thing' on Survivor.

If people don't like you, they ain't gonna vote for you.

And, of course, there's more talk about the experience with his brother, blah, blah, blah.

We get it folks.

Yeah, Vytas does seem to have a competitive edge to him, and he does want to do better than Aras, and understands that there can only be ONE winner.

But, I just don't think this goober really gets what it takes to not only succeed in this game, but actually get to the end and win it.

Vytas may stick around for a while because of what he physically brings to the tribe of newbies, but I wouldn't count on him making a deep run.

As his brother said, Vytas' temper could cause him problems, and if things don't go his way, as he expects them to, I can easily see that being his downfall.

Got thoughts? Post them at the end.

Stimpy is a huge fan of Survivor and enjoys dissecting each episode. When not watching Survivor or sports on TV, he fills his time by skydiving, rockclimbing, golfing, and rollerblading, as well as sitting on the beach drinking beer in British Columbia, Canada. You can contact him at
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