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Survivor Cagayan: Camp Raid, Trish The Man And Lots Of Lies
Recap and Commentary by Jennifer T.

The note also contained a clue to the hidden immunity idol on Solana.

Tony decides to lie and pretend that he and Woo were told to give the clue to the hidden immunity idol to a member of Aparri. They give the clue to Jeremiah in the hopes that it will make him a target on his tribe.

They probably also hope that Jeremiah is too stupid to realize that the clue isn’t for an idol on his beach.

Jeremiah opens the clue and it is the exact same clue he had when he was on Solana. It isn’t clear if Jeremiah realizes that the clue is relevant for Solana.

Tony runs back and grabs the clue so that Jeremiah can’t show it to anyone else.

Woo and Tony head back to Aparri and someone has written, “shame on you Lindsay,” in the sand. Actually, someone has written, “shame on yoo, Lindsie,” in the sand. I have no idea who would have written that.

The rest of Aparri wants to know if Tony and Woo got rice since they don’t have any.

Tony randomly comes clean to Aparri and tells them that he is a police officer. How bizarre. He was so cagey about it before.

LJ says that Tony tries to show that he is trustworthy by telling everyone that he lied.

Then Trish admits that she’s really a man. She’s joking obviously.

Back at Solana Alexis approaches Spencer and tells him that Jeremiah is unpredictable. Spencer thinks that Alexis is phony and he doesn’t trust her.

Jeremiah tries to tell his tribe that Tony lied to them and the clue wasn’t for Solana. Unfortunately, no one believes him. It’s actually kind of funny.

It’s time for the immunity challenge.

This challenge requires tribes to use wooden poles to build a staircase to climb up to the top of a wooden maze. The tribes have to crawl through the maze and slide down a slide.

Then one tribe member has to navigate a rope obstacle to remove a key. The key unlocks a machete which can be used to release puzzle pieces.

Solving the puzzle reveals three numbers which open a combination lock, which releases a flag that signals the end of the challenge. Got all that? Yeah, me neither.

Solana sits out Morgan and Tasha.

The two tribes begin to build their staircases. Jeff neglected to mention that there a huge mud puddles all around and LJ ends up sinking into one of them.

Aparri finishes their staircase and starts to climb through the maze. Solana eventually finshes their staircase as well.

Both teams make it through the maze and slide down the wooden slide. It does not look fun.

Tony and Jeremiah are.....

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