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Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X: Meet Adam
Stimpy's Take
Septeber 6, 2016

Adam - Millennials
Well I have to admit I’m a bit torn here. One of this kid’s turn-offs is smokers. Being one myself I have to say that doesn’t endear this kid to me one iota.

However a further read of his profile shows that his mother is dealing with lung cancer so I can sort of get his dislike for smokers. PLUS he’s the grandson of an Auschwitz survivor!

How can you be hard on a kid like this?

Easy. Because I’m Stimpy.

So, first off Adam is an uber-fan of Survivor. Generally people of that ilk tend not to be nearly as good as they think they are. For one thing they generally tend to think that because they’re fans that every idea that pops into their heads is ultimately going to come to pass.

The problem is most of these fans don’t get is the fact that you’re dealing with a bunch of other individuals who have their own agendas. If they don’t happen to mesh with your agenda you can find yourself in a predicament that takes a certain amount of deftness to maneuver around.

Aye, there’s the rub!

Adam likens himself to Spencer and those that are long-time readers (if you’re not one, hang yer head in shame!) know that likening yourself to Spencer is not a good way to impress me.

Yeah Spencer said her understood the game, but the truth of the matter is he didn’t. On the one hand he never really got that Survivor is a social game. Strategizing and all is great but if you ain’t got the social chops, forget it.

More importantly was the fact that Spencer never got people have their own opinions of what to do, and when faced with that, Spencer’s only reaction was to get frustrated at THEIR stupidity.

I don’t see anything here that makes me think Adam gets what Spencer’s faults were and how he won’t repeat the same mistakes. Adam says he’s got youthful charm but that’s very subjective.

Again folks it ain’t how YOU see and perceive yourself, it’s how others do. Add to that the fact that Adam doesn’t bring much into the game from a physical point of view. No one is going to look at this kid and think he’s going to be a huge asset.

Yes he may be underestimated and that can be a benefit to him, but he has to know how to use that underestimation to his advantage.

Can he do that? Possibly. One potential red-flag in is profile is that Adam speaks of ‘social justice’.

And I immediately rolled my eyes. He runs a homeless shelter and mentions social justice. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he goes into a diatribe about climate change while out there.

What difference does that make you ask? Oh well, y’see left-wing nut jobs like that tend to have a real holier-than-thou attitude about things and that ain’t a good thing when it comes to Survivor. He’s also got this ‘entitled’ air about him. He even says he doesn’t like the idea of ‘paying his dues’ in the real world. It’s like he thinks he’s OWED shit and doesn’t have to EARN it. Just because.

When it comes down the nuts and bolts of it, I just don’t get a good vibe outta this kid.

He smacks of being another version of Spencer: Another uber-fan who thinks they know how to play this game, but in reality they don’t.

And they tend not to win.

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Got thoughts? Post them below.

Stimpy is a huge fan of Survivor and enjoys dissecting each episode. When not watching Survivor or sports on TV, he fills his time by skydiving, rockclimbing, golfing, and rollerblading, as well as sitting on the beach drinking beer in British Columbia, Canada. You can contact him at

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