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Survivor Millennials vs. Gen X: Meet Michaela
Stimpy's Take
Septeber 6, 2016

Well she’s into religion in a big way. Not that that is a bad thing per se, but it can be if she comes off as too high and mighty.

I kinda get the feeling that Michaela won’t go that route. I love how this young lady doesn’t think she’s owed anything in life. She has a great attitude and I find it admirable that she was frugal after she graduated so she could pay off her student loans.

I like how she references her godfather and in particular the part where he taught her ‘what to value in a man’. Translation: Entitled pretty boys need not apply.

I was a bit worried when she likened herself to Tasha, but felt a bit better when she qualified it by pointing out Tasha was always in the right alliances and never had her loyalty questioned.

That’s something good to emulate.

Wanting to play like Kelley is, again, a good thing to aspire to, and if you’ve got Natalie as your inner beast, there ain’t nuthin’ wrong with that.

If you can be as driven and as crafty as a previous winner then you get Stimpy’s seal of approval. Which is also a good thing.

Lastly, I loved how Michaela says she’s going to adapt to whatever the game throws at her, because it’s one thing to have a great strategy, but if things go south, then you’ve gotta adapt or you’re screwed.

I really liked how she says she’s a rational thinker and will separate real life from what she needs to do in order to win the game.

In other words godfather: Be prepared to have a few ‘well that was incredibly un-bible like behavior’ moments IF Michaela has the chops she seems to be showing here.

I kinda get the feeling she does.

Meet Michelle

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Stimpy is a huge fan of Survivor and enjoys dissecting each episode. When not watching Survivor or sports on TV, he fills his time by skydiving, rockclimbing, golfing, and rollerblading, as well as sitting on the beach drinking beer in British Columbia, Canada. You can contact him at

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