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Survivor Vanuatu: Islands of Fire coming this September

June 9, 2004
Survivor All Star winner Amber Brkich and runner-up "Boston" Rob Mariano are still a couple but so far there are no wedding plans. Commenting on their current celebrity, Amber says, "We don't care about being hot." Maybe so, but they are milking it; Rob says we "fly everywhere first class, get put up in the penthouse suite, people offer us huge sums of money just to show up at places -- you would be stupid to turn that down."

Meanwhile Mark Burnett wants to use that fame and produce Rob and Amber's wedding for TV. Burnett says, "Obviously, the wolves are circling around them, trying to profit from young love." And Burnett won't profit from it? Well at least if he produces it there will be something other than pink. Burnett goes on to say, "They understand the dangers. If the wedding reveals them to be the funny, vulnerable, and interesting people that I know them to be, away from the Machiavellian game, then people will come to like the at-home Rob and Amber. I don't want it to be some reality television farce. I would like to work with them and protect them." Rob needs protection? He tells The Boston Globe, "Mark Burnett is very interested in producing our wedding." Rob will let Burnett produce it when Burnett comes up with a package that satisfies Rob and there is nothing Machiavellian about that.

May 15, 2004
CBS got it's wish last Sunday night. Three hours of Survivor All Stars programming dominated the night. The finale averaged 24.8 million viewers. The reunion hit 28.36 million viewers. That many people watched Rob ask Amber to marry him. There is talk of a televised wedding if in Rob's words, "the price is right." It was the best 18-49 demographic result since May, 2002 and the finale of the Survivor: Marquesas edition. All the numbers aren't available yet but it looks like Thursday night's American Tribal Council did respectably well finishing just behind the final episode of Frasier.

They Were Cast - Why Not You?
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May 13, 2004
Last night CBS held America's Tribal Council for the Survivor All Stars. The results of Amercia's votes were revealed -
Best Fight:- Rupert vs Johnny Fairplay
Best Villian: Johnny Fairplay
Hottest Guy: Colby Donaldson
Hottest Girl: Amber Brkich
Favorite Moment: Rupert Steals from Pearl Islands
Favorite All Time Survivor and One Million Dollar Winner: Rupert Bonham

Reality TV Calendar endorsed Rupert to win the "People's Choice" million and we are glad he did. It's nice to see a decent, honorable person who did not lie and sneak, get the big prize. Every once in a while we need to see that. It restores our faith in people.

The CBS web site was overrun with voters trying to cast a vote for their favorite all star. And there are a lot of people who are not real happy with the way the voting was handled. At RTVC we are not happy about it because once again it was a situation where you could vote as many times as you like. This makes for an unfair and possibly inaccurate reflection of America's intentions. Could you imagine what an outcry there would be if this were allowed in the Presidential race. Whoever can come up with a cost effective and secure one person - one vote system to use in situations like this could make a great deal of money. But of course you would have to sell the networks on the fact that their crowing about 38 million votes is meaningless gibberish to anybody with half a brain.

The voting system allowed for votes to be placed by cell phone or by computer. There was no other way. This pissed off a lot of people too. It may be that the demographic that CBS courts with the show, the upscale 18-49 year olds, pretty much have access to both a cell and a computer. But not everyone does, especially those who are older. CBS isn't just ignoring the older generation, they are taking steps to alienate them. A St. Petersburg, Fla., resident Jean Horne, "doesn't own a cell phone for text messaging or a computer for Internet access" but wanted to vote for Rupert. According to the St. Petersburg Times, Horne said "network staffers were less than receptive when she called to complain," CBS spokeswoman Colleen Sullivan was unsympathetic to the old or the shut in saying "There's isn't a person in theory who can't get to a computer at a library or copy center. To take phone-in calls is a bit antiquated." Ms. Sullivan - People aren't theories, shame on you. And shame on CBS, for your policies and for your poor choice of spokeswoman. But props to CBS for attempting the American Tribal Council. It's a nice addition to Survivor and I hope it will continue. But next time, use a better voting system and have decent people respond to your viewers.

For an excellent recap of last night's American Tribal Council show, click here.

May 12, 2004
Thank you Amber! Survivor All Stars winner Amber has had the courage to say what most all of us have been thinking. "They were idiots!" "They were idiots for not getting rid of me or him, every single week." "Him" is Survivor runner-up and now fiancee Boston Rob who's coattails she road into the final Tribal Council. She goes on to tell USA Today, "It was so obvious. They thought we were caught up in each other more than the game. They were wrong." Rob weighs in with his view in a Boston Herald article, "Feelings got hurt. They can't handle the fact they got beat."
By Monday over three million people had voted on the "People's Choice Survivor All Star" who will pocket a million. The "National Tribal Council" continues today. The results will be aired tomorrow night at 8pm e/p on CBS. You can vote here. Sunday's finale and reunion drew an estimated 25 million people.

May 10, 2004
It's Over - Except For The Final Million
After a season that was notable for betrayal of friendships and an alliance-showmance Survivor All Stars came to an end last night with the finale and reunion shows. When compared to the predictability of the rest of the season, last night was not so bad. It had a few moments. The final Tribal Council had some drama, and the reunion show was worth watching. Surprises included Rob getting down on one knee and proposing to Amber. Although it was denied, it did look like everyone expected it. And of course we predicted it here over a week ago. However, Amber, who did accept, does not look pregnant.
The final vote was Amber 4, Rob 3 which surprised those who felt Rob would get no votes at all. Amber picked up her check this mooring on the CBS Early Show.
Another car was given away.
And then the big surprise CBS has been promoting.
Another million dollars will be given to one of the 18 Survivor All Stars based on America's Vote.
Reality TV Calendar is endorsing Rupert Bonham for the million dollars - "People's Choice" survivor. Rupert is the only survivor to play back to back games. He may be the only survivor who remained both true to himself and true to those he played with and against. A man of his word, with deep integrity and admirable character. We encourage you to vote for Rupert Bonham.
Whoever you vote for, you can do it at, just click here.
The final million will be awarded live on Thursday night at 8pm e/p when there will be another Survivor All Stars Reunion.

May 9, 2004
Tonight at 8pm e/p is the Survivor All Stars Finale. Back in January I would have thought of it as the "eagerly awaited" finale. But today I am not sure that many fans really care. Oh we'll watch it tonight to put closure to it, but it's really no big deal.

For supposed all stars, the play was dismal, bordering on dumb and dumber. The former winners were immediately and predictably eliminated early. That left a lot of losers, people who had been voted off first in previous seasons, who didn't make or barely made the jury. They were chosen by the producers for personality traits, not for their ability to play the game. This wasn't all star play and that made the whole season a let down.

When you consider how Rob and perhaps 'power behind the throne' Amber have controlled the dumb and dumber players it has also been boring and at times even painful to watch. Jeff Probst says he does not want to see another All Star edition of Survivor. I'd go for another try if the contestants were all 2nd or 3rd place finishers. People who could play the game rather than just let the game happen to them. Again, my picks. Jenna in 4th, Rupert is 3rd, Rob gets 2nd and Amber wins.

After the finale tonight it's the usual one hour reunion show where nobody asks the questions you really want the answers to. CBS is promoting a big surprise. We'll see, it may be that Rob and Amber are pregnant and / or engaged, as reported here last week, or it may be something as boring and mundane as the rest of the season. And by the way, tonight is not the end. CBS has schedule another hour or Survivor time on Thursday at 8pm e/p when Jeff will "visit with the castaways."

May 8, 2004
The show concludes tomorrow night with three hours of programing starting at 8pm e/p. The final four are Rob, Amber, Jenna, and Rupert. On Thursday nights episode Jenna, Rupert and Big Tom proved once again that you should not play the game while in a coma. Big Tom was voted off. Rob and Amber may deserve the win simply because everyone else has played so badly. My picks for the finals. Jenna in 4th, Rupert in 3rd, Rob in 2nd and Amber wins. My only question is; does Amber win because she rode Rob's coattails all the way, or was Amber the power behind the throne? It could have been edited either way.

May 6, 2004
Jeff Probst is saying he never wants to do another Survivor All Stars. According to The New York Daily News Jeff says "All-Stars was a fun experiment, but I would vote to never do it again. I think the game is better played by strangers. ... I'm ready for new people. I think it's going to be a new type of game. Maybe we'll get back to a unique approach to the game, rather than trying to emulate people." Probst is quoted as saying this edition of Survivor contains "the most honest and emotional final tribal council that we've had since the first season, because they were friends and because there were a lot of hurt feelings."

CBS is promoting a huge surprise for Sunday's Survivor finale but not saying what it is. Jeff isn't saying either but promises "a pretty good reveal on the live show. We're going to share something on that show that I think is certainly significant, completely unexpected, and we'll have people talking." Ok, yesterday we headlined it "Total Rumor Dept: Caution we have no reason to believe the following." Now we are going to upgrade it to, "Very Tantalizing Rumor Dept: But we still have no absolute facts." Could Sunday's big surprise be this? Rumors are circulating around the country via email that Survivor All Stars Amber and Rob are expecting, with a baby due in August. Also according to the rumor they will be getting married after the finale on Sunday. If anybody knows anything official, please let us know.

May 5, 2004
Total Rumor Dept: Caution we have no reason to believe the following.
Rumors are circulating around the country via email that Survivor All Stars Amber and Rob are expecting, with a baby due in August. Also according to the rumor they will be getting married after the finale next Sunday. If anybody knows anything official, please let us know

May 1, 2004
The Survivor All Stars finale is a week from tomorrow and will feature the usual one hour reunion show immediately following. This year from Madison Square Garden in New York which is where the Ultimate Survivor All Star will be revealed. is reporting that there will be one more Survivor show after that. It's being reported that the following Thursday, CBS will run a Survivor Special that "will reportedly feature such things as 'America's favorite Survivor' of all time."

Episode 14
Survivor relatives compete for reward. Big Tom's son wins for Big Tom who is allowed to select one other Survivor to spend the night with his or her loved one. Big Tom, in the misguided and foolish belief that Boston Rob has any honor at all, selects Rob. Big Tom also wins Immunity. Rather than take advantage of the opportunity, the tribe remains cowed by Boston Rob and his puppet-master Amber. Shii-Ann is voted off.

Episode 13
Boston Rob continues to control the game. Stallin did not have as much control as this guy and I can not understand why. What is the strategy of the other six players? Why do they allow him to dictate the way this game is played. Down to six now, and it's going to get very very interesting.

For an excellent recap of episode 13 by Prof. Dan, click here.

April 23, 2004
Would you like to attend the May 9th Survivor All Stars finale at New York's Madison Square Garden. You can. is auctioning tickets to the show. Proceeds benefit The Museum of Television and Radio. Say hello to Jeff for us.

April 15, 2004
Flash from the Pearl Islands - Lex Is No Longer Buddy Buddy With Boston Rob! What a surprise! In fact Lex called his former friend a "despicable scoundrel" in describing the guy who once called him "in tears when he was breaking up with his girlfriend." Are you listening Amber? Lex Van Den Berghe says his Survivor All-Stars co-star Rob Mariano and he were good friends before the show, he now considers Rob to be "trash." Lex told the Santa Cruz Sentinel "he allowed tribe mate Kathy Vavrick-O’Brien to make the final call" about whether to boot Jerri or Amber because of his friendship with Rob. Lex helped to save Rob's girlfriend of the moment Amber and for this was kicked off the island by good buddy Rob at the next council. At the end of this season we can look back on that moment as when Rob won the battle and lost the war.

Episode 12
Are they afraid of Boston Rob? Do they really trust him to take them in to the finale? Are they manoeuvering into a final 4, two of whom would be Rob and Amber and ? and ?. Questions for which we have no answer, because honestly it makes little sense. Rob can't possible expect to win this, so is all his maneuvering aimed at getting Amber the win? Is there a deal to split the money? Rob has said many times he is playing Amber for the game, although in his mind he does have some genuine feelings for the girl. Would anybody on a jury vote for Amber? Lots a questions and very few answers.

Episode 11:
For a full recap on episode 11 by RTVC staff writer Professor Dan, click here. The short and not very exciting version: Individual Immunity Challenge is won by Rupert who takes Amber and Jenna with him for a day of luxury. The tribes merge; blue buffs. Individual, but dual, Immunity Challenge. Won by Rob and Kathy. Rob betrays another friend and Lex goes home.
Read the Professor's recap, it's much better. Click Here

April 3, 2004
RTVC is proud to welcome Professor Dan to our writing staff. Dan will be handling recaps for survivor as well as Apprentice 2 recaps, and some Big Brother 5 commentary and analysis. Dan is a college professor who somehow got hooked on Reality TV, especially ones with lots of strategy and twists. You may contact Dan at

Episode 10:
The is no Reward challenge. Instead everyone is granted two food rewards just for showing up. The expected merge does not happen. Instead what was a fairly good idea, turned out bad. The idea was to have everyone drop there buffs and pull a new buff from a basket. Thus realigning the tribes and still keeping two tribes. Stumping oddsmakers everywhere what happened was that all the Mogo Mogo people picked a Chapera buff and all the Chapera tribe members picked a Mogo Mogo buff. The ONLY exception was Amber. That resulted in Amber and Boston Rob being torn apart and the two tribes basically just trading camps. Old Chapera now Mogo Mogo really got the short end of the stick. Survivor Trivia was played for the Immunity Challenge. The new Mogo Mogo won Immunity in a tie breaker. The new Chapera along with Amber faced Tribal Council and Jerri was voted off.

Episode 9:
This was a clip show with no rewards or eliminations.

Episode 8:
Chapera wins the log role Reward challenge and steals three items from Mogo Mogo's camp. Amber does this with grace and kindness. Chapera also wins Immunity again. And again the Mogo Mogo council is controlled by Lex. This time he elects to send his "good friend" Ethan home, saying it's "just business."

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Episode 7:
The Reward and Immunity Challenges are combined. The winning tribe takes one player from the losing tribe on the reward cruise. Mogo Mogo wins both Reward and Immunity and takes Kathy from Chapera. Chapera percieves Colby as a major threat in a post merge game and sends him home.

Episode 6:
The premier of SURVIVOR introduced us to the man nobody liked, Richard Hatch. He immediately earned the reputation as an egotistical manipulator who delighted in exposing himself to his fellow teammates. At the final counsel Hatch would win the one million dollars. Even Susan cast her vote for this man whom she disliked so much, calling him a "snake" in the process. Well, wouldn't you know it, Survivor All-stars would bring the two back together and, yet again, Richard would take Susan out. This time by allegedly grinding his nude body against her during one of the competitions. At the time of the incident Susan's' only response was, "Ahh, gross." Later however, she seemed to fall apart, slipping into a deep, sobbing depression.

The next day, in a fit of outrage, she would withdraw from the game saying that she had been "Sexually violated". According to fellow teammate Rupert, she stated that it was her intention to file suit against Mr. Hatch for ten million dollars.

This is a story that promises to keep fans enthralled long after the final cast of All-stars has left the stage.

Chapera won Reward. There was no Immunity Challenge.

Episode 5:
Mogo Mogo wins reward with Chapera in second. Saboga is disolved with the four remaining Saboga tribe members being split between Mogo Mogo and Chapera.
Jerri and Ethan go to Mogo Mogo.
Chapera gets Rupert and Jenna.
Chapera wins Immunity. Richard Hatch of Mogo Mogo is duped and voted off at Tribal Council.

Episode 4:
Chapera wins reward again but loses immunity. Boston Rob suckers Rob C. into a phony alliance. The vote is five to one against Rob C. and he goes home.

Episode 3:
Chapera wins reward. Jenna M, removes herself from the game saying she needs to be close to her sick mother. This eliminates the need for an immunity challenge. Eight days after Jenna got home her mother passed away.

Episode 2:
Saboga wins Reward and shares it with the other tribes giving all three tribes fire.
Chapera and Mogo Mogo win Immunity. Saboga sends Rudy home.

Episode 1:
Saboga tribe lost the Immunity Challenge and Surviror Australia winner Tina voted off.

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