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Survivor Palau - Photos - Recaps - News - Gossip
Survivor Palau Photo Scoreboard & Rankings

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TV Guide: Survivor Palau
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Survivor Palau
Recaps by Professor Dan
Spoilers, Predictions & Commentary by Cari C.
Rankings by Cari C.
Additional Commentary by Alisa
Mouse over the pics for more information. Click the pic for a complete biography.
Angie, 24
New Orleans, LA Ashlee, 22
Easley, SC Bobby Jon, 27
Troy, AL Caryn, 46
Civil Rights Attorney,
Solon, OH Coby, 32
Hair Stylist,
Athens, TX Gregg, 28
Business Consultant,
Chicago, IL Ian, 23
Dolphin Trainer,
Key Largo, FL Ibrehem, 27
Birmingham, AL James, 33
Stell Worker,
Mobile, AL Janu, 39
Vegas Show Girl,
Las Vegas, NV
Angie Ashlee Bobby Caryn Coby Gregg Ian Ibrehem James Janu

Jeff, 21
Personal Trainer,
Ventura, CA Jennifer, 32
Encino, CA Jolanda, 39
Houston, TX Jonathan, 23
Sales & Marketing,
Dallas, TX Katie, 29
Advertising Executive,
Merced, CA Kim, 25
Graduate Student,
Huber Heights, OH Stephenie, 25
Pharmaceutical Sales Rep,
Philadelphia, PA Tom, 41
NY City Fireman,
Sayville, NY Wanda, 55
English Teacher,
Ulysses, PA Willard, 57
Bellevue, WA
Jeff Jennifer Jolanda Jonathan Katie Kim Stephenie Tom Wanda Willard

Survivor Palau - News Log
January 13, 2005
On Janurary 13th CBS confirmed that we had spoiled all 20 contestants correctly. Congratulations to Cari C. on a job very well done.

From the CBS Site:
Twenty Americans are stranded in Palau, the South Pacific paradise some call the 8th natural wonder of the world, where colorful wildlife, dense jungles and an underwater world beyond belief are haunted by the wreckage and remnants of World War II. From the beginning, the game will be changed in a dramatic way: everything the Survivors have come to expect will be wiped out in the first 10 minutes. Who will outwit, outplay, and outlast all others in Palau? Don't miss a single episode of SURVIVOR: PALAU, premiering Thursday, February 17 at 8 pm ET/PT, only on CBS.

January 3, 2005
We continue to get photos and information from our source in the islands. For the latest photos click here.

December 31, 2004
We continue to get great spoiler and intelligence information straight from the Palau Islands. If you don't want to know, don't read below. But for the latest on the upcoming season of Survivor, read on.

We have been sent a picture of the Survivor Palau buff. This one in blue. Click here to see it and then use your back button to return to this page.

Notice the military style chevrons on the it's left side with sharks swimming through the area, the overall blue camo pattern and of course the Survivor Palau emblem. The chevron's again point to the fact that this edition of Survivor appears to be paying respect to the World War II history of the islands. Note the broken up aircraft on the bottom portion of the emblem.

Sharks do infest the waters of Palau. Our island source tells us that one of the Survivors caught a shark. Details are sketchy. We don't know which contestant, but we've been told that a machete was involved. We've also been told that "the production people say it is the best piece of footage they have ever had on survivor!"

Although we don't yet know which tribe camped where....we do know there was a camp located on Ulong Island and another on Margie's Beach. As we mentioned above the logo features downed World War II aircraft. There are the remains of combat planes on both Ulong Island and Margie's Beach. The production crew built a large pool on the beach presumably for challenges. The pool was filled in when production was concluded. Our source reports a large number of fire pits were built.

We believe the Tribal Council area was built on Light House Channel near the World War II pier. Local carpenters built a replica of a Japanese Bunker that included twisted doors. Those who have seen it say it looked real and was built of foam and plywood.

December 28, 2004
Our Survivor Spoiler and Intelligence Queen, Cari C. has a little more for you today -

Greg Carey
Greg is 27 and a business consultant. He is orginally from Ashland, Mass but moved to Chicago for business reasons. He is very athletic and very likeable.

Jennifer Lyons
No information is known about Jennifer yet.

It looks like the tribe names will be Rrull (Palaun for Ray) and Chedeng. One other possibilty Ulong or Koror.

December 27, 2004
We have secured photos of the official hat and logo.
Click Here for Spoiler Report #5

December 27, 2004
We have more cast photos and more information on the survivors.
Click Here for Spoiler Report #4

December 17, 2004
So you want to know the cast of the newest Survivor. Well we have the names here and ready for you. Of course these are not set in stone so we will keep bringing you any changes as they become available. Both of the names we previously gave are still listed as candidates. Joining Jolanda and Ian are the following:

Ibrehem Rahman
Ibrehem is a 27 year old African American from Birmingham, Alabama. He lists modeling as his occupation. He has appeared in Cosmo.

Ashlee Ashby
Ashlee is a 22 year old from Easley, South Carolina. Easley is right next-door to me so here's hoping I can get an interview. Ashlee is possibly a model/actress.

Wanda Shirk
Wanda is 55 and resides in Pennsylvania. She may be an English teacher. She has two older children and is married to William.

Jonathan Libby
No information is available as of yet.

Bobby Drinkard
Bobby is a 27 year old model/restaurant employee from Troy Alabama. He has also appeared in Cosmo. He recently moved to LA to pursue his modeling career.

Coby Archa
Coby is 32 and from the Dallas Texas area. Coby is another actor. It has been noted that he has some sort of criminal record, possibly something he did as a minor.

Katie Gallagher
Katie is in her 20's, but no other information is known at this time.

Caryn Groedel
Caryn is 46 and an attorney from Solon, Ohio. She has in the past participated in marathons. She is also Jewish. She is married and the mother of three girls.

Jeff Wilson
No information is known about Jeff at this time.

James Miller
No information is known about James at this time

Will Smith
No information is known about Will at this time.

Janu Tornell
Janu is 39 and a dancer/showgirl in Las Vegas. She is a former Miss Nevada. She dances at the Tropicana and was involved in an episode of Inside Edition in which she switched places with a librarian for the day.

As more contestants become available we will post the information for you. We do know that one of the contestants might be Muslim. It has also been rumored that there might be 20 Survivors this season. If you come across any information and would like to see it posted please email me. We love reader input.

December 12, 2004
At the end of the Survivor Vanuatu Reunion show CBS confirms what we had reported earlier. Survivor 10 will take place in the Palau Islands and will be known as Survivor Palau. Jeff Probst informed us that there would be 20 survivors this time and that the first 10 minutes would see a game changing twist.

November 30, 2004
Well now that we know where Survivor 10 will be the next thing we must find out is who will our Survivors be. Rumors are running rampant all over the internet but I think we have a lock on a few of the lucky contestants.

First up is Jolanda Jones. Jolanda is a 39 year old African American laywer/inspirational speaker from Houston Texas. Jolanda is very athletic. She is involved in track and field and basketball. She has participated in the Pan Am games and the Olympic trials. Jolanda is extremely tall. She is around six feet tall. She is very intellegent and was even nominated for a Rhodes scholarship.
Our next possible candidate is Ian Rosenberger. Ian is a 23 year old camp counselor and student from Ambridge Pennsylvannia. Ian attends Penssylvannia State University where he is the student body president. Ian is a certified lifegaurd and scuba diver. He is also an Eagle scout. Ian is also extremely tall. He is said to be around 6'7". Ian was a finalist for Vanuatu but did not make the cut.

Some of the lesser known contestants include:

Mindy: A social studies teacher in her early 30's from Maryland. Mindy is of medium height and build. She has long brown hair and is a huge Survivor fan. Mindy is rumored to be Jewish.

Tracy: 36 year old female from Buffalo

Kristen: A suburban wife in her late 20's to early 30's from Minnesota.

We have no pictures available for the last three but as soon as anything surfaces, I will be back to let you know. We do know that there will again be 18 Survivors instead of 16. Five down thirteen more to go.
Palau is southeast of the Philippines.
For more info on the country try visiting this site:
Click Here

November 19, 2004
Coming soon to a television near you, Survivor: Palau.

You read it right, Mark Burnett and the gang are currently in the country filming the 10th edition of the series. Rumor has it that filming began on November 1st so they are more than half way thru. The show is set to begin airing sometime around the first of February.

Palau is southeast of the Philippines.

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