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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search
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They Were Cast - Why Not You?

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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search Wednesday's at 8/7c on NBC
Recaps by Evan D. Baltz
Adaora Akubilo
A 20-year-old Central Connecticut State University student from Windsor, Connecticut. Alicia Hall
A 19-year-old web designer. Betti Formeus
A 27-year-old model and Johnson & Wales University student from Miami, Florida. Jenna Spilde
A 20-year-old college student from Dallas, Texas. Krisi Ballentine
A 23-year-old model and University of Arkansas at Monticello graduate from Little Rock, Arkansas. Marcela Ziemianski
A 21-year-old Loyola University at Chicago student from Glenview, Illinois
Gone Episode 1
Adaora Alicia Betti Jenna Krisi Marcela
Mouse over the pics for additional information.
Nancy Stelmaszcyzk
A 22-year-old college graduate from Chicago, Illinois
Gone Episode 1 Sabrina Sikora
A 20-year-old Wesleyan College student from Macon, Georgia
Gone Episode 1 Shannon Hughes
A 23-year-old professional model and University of Texas at Dallas graduate from Mesquite, Texas. Shantel Van Santen
A 19-year-old model/actress and Texas Christian University student from Spring, Texas
Gone Episode 1 Stacy Klimek
A 19-year-old model, sales associate, and Augsburg College student from South Saint Paul, Minnesota. Stella Diaz
A 19-year-old model and Sacred Heart University (Universidad del Sagrado Corazon in Santurce, Puerto Rico) student from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico.
Nancy Sabrina Shannon Shantel Stacy Stella
Twelve young women will compete over six episodes for the opportunity to appear in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition which hits the news stands shortly after the show concludes in February.

The contestants have no breast augmentation photos out in the media and it looks to be a great show with professional models. These contestants were chosen for their beauty, grace, and attitude. They are also vying the for $1,000,000.00 modeling contract that goes to the winner.

The show bears some resemblance to Tyra Bank's "America's Next Top Model" but makes a few interesting changes. Of course there is the VERY significant extra zero in the winner's check, and when it gets down to the final two models...America will make the choice. Nice.

From the NBC site:
NBC joins partner Sports Illustrated to launch a nation-wide search for the next great swimsuit supermodel with its new unscripted series timed for the launch of the magazine's famed annual Swimsuit Issue.

During Sports Illustrated's search for an undiscovered model for the popular Swimsuit Issue, the six-episode series will focus on what it takes to become a successful swimsuit model. Twelve selected finalists will live in Los Angeles where they will compete for the chance to appear in the best selling issue of any magazine in the world and win a million-dollar modeling contract from NEXT Model Management.

The series and competition culminate with the final two contestants who will be flown to an exotic location to shoot a photo spread for Sports Illustrated. No one will know who the winner will be until America votes as part of the series finale in February.

Charged with the task of whittling down the field of hopeful models is a three-judge panel including former Sports Illustrated model Roshumba Williams, NEXT Model Management President Joel Wilkenfeld and Sports Illustrated swimsuit editor Jule Campbell.

"The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Search" is produced by Pariah, PB & J Television and Sports Illustrated. Gavin Polone, Patty Ivins, Julie Pizzi, Terry McDonell and Roy S. Johnson executive produce the series.

Visit The Official NBC Site

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