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So You Think You Can Dance: Tapper and Ballroom Dancer Get Hosed – Here's The Rankings!
Commentary By RTVC Senior Staff Writer Joseph Braverman
June 28, 2011

Still holding the lead.
This week on So You Think You Can Dance, we all knew it would be a nail-biting results show on Thursday.

Unfortunately, the outcome was surprising and infuriating.

Even though Chris and Ashley had a great routine, I still am surprised how many votes they received this week. I have to believe it was because the pair had the final pimp spot of performing that they escaped the bottom three.

Got thoughts? Post them at the end.

Also, Jess and Clarice should have been in danger over Iveta and Nick. Their routine lacked chemistry and strong technique.

Clarice is a great contemporary dancer, but greatly pales in comparison when stacked next to Caitlynn, Sasha, and Melanie.

Jess’ performance may have been solid, but this routine lacked for me. In fact, all three of the couples who were in the bottom last week found themselves escaping elimination this week.

This just proves that it was the wrong decision to postpone the elimination one more week.

I think we would not have blinked an eye had we lost Miranda and Robert Taylor Jr. last week.

However, I am beyond furious the judges decided to keep disinteresting contemporary dancers over the amazing Iveta and Nick. The show always hoses the ballroom and tappers before getting rid of the contemporary dancers, who are way over populated this season.

Yes, Ricky’s solo was strong, but Nicks was very musical and not boring unlike many of the tap solos we have seen in seasons past.

Besides, does anyone honestly think Ricky is going to win the entire show?

Yes, his technique is strong, but he blends in so much with some of the other contemporary dancers, that I find he has a hard time making a name for himself.

And don’t even get me started on Ryan Ramirez, who is this season’s Lauren Alaina!

The speed of Ryan’s dancing in her solo was impressive, but it was far too desperate, and the girl cannot lose that forced smile for even a second.

I am growing tired of the judges.....

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