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The Amazing Race Recap: Get Ready! Travel Safe! Go!
Yell At Your TV Recap and Commentary by RTVC Senior Staff Writer Kathleen
October 1, 2012

Racing for $2,000,000!
Welcome to the 21st running of The Amazing Race.

Do you believe that we have run around the world twenty times? Wow.

Thatís a lot of miles and a lot of cheering and breath holding for me. I am a serious fan.

This season, I could not be happier. There are no gimmicks within the cast of racers.

No big dollar winners from other reality shows. The cast seems to be just real people who want to race around the world.

For me, thatís wonderful. It will be up to the racers to tug at our heartstrings or piss us off. Yay.

Got thoughts? Post them at the end.

The twist this year is within the game, as it should be.

In the past there has often been an extra benefit to winning the first leg. The previews say that this season itís what it amounts to a doubling chip.

If the team that wins leg one, also wins the whole race, the prize doubles to $2,000,000.

If that turns out to be accurate, thatís a wow for one team.

What I cannot figure out is what sort of drama may result from this. Weíll have to wait for it.

The other thing I have to wait for is the sorting of the herd.

I tend to go with identifiers early on and actually learn names as time goes by.

There is no disrespect intended. At least not at first. Later as personalities come out, no promises.

Eleven teams are headed to Pasadena, California of course, to meet with our wonderful Phil who is at City Hall.

The Colorado Street Bridge is the starting line.

The teams are coming in aboard a wildly colored bus. From my seat it looks like a school bus repurposed as a flashback to the 60ís.

We are introduced to:

Dating couple Trey and Lexie, from Austin Texas. He played football and she was a cheerleader.

ďTraditional peopleĒ they are shown walking with cows, shooting compound bows, and hanging in a boat on a pond.

They donít live together. She wants to win the race to get a ring and then move on to the next step. Ahem.

Natalie and Nadiya are twins.....

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