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The Amazing Race Recap: Let's Do The Time Warp
Yell At Your TV Recap and Commentary by RTVC Senior Staff Writer Kathleen
November 19, 2012

Death by cabbie.
Welcome back to the 21st running of The Amazing Race.

I’m going to engage in some guesswork here. It makes my family nuts when I start knitting together possibilities with very few facts, but they are stuck with me. So are you.

One, we have ended an episode with no solution.

Two, we have a winner for that episode – the Texans – but we have no loser.

Three, the previews show the racers engaged in a new leg, with new tasks, during tonight’s episode.

Kathleen says, this sucker is a non-elimination leg.

Got thoughts? Post them at the end.

It can’t be a “you are still racing” because Phil would have said so to the three teams that have crossed the mat successfully.

Therefore we either have a non-elimination leg, or …

We break precedents and have a really squirrely elimination in the middle of another leg.

Also, there is that 12 hour gap that they talk about but don’t acknowledge.

So, Kathleen says, the rockers have 12 hours to find their luggage with passport.

They seem to be able to charm the locals in Bangladesh. They can probably – and apparently if you watched the previews – charm the Muscovites into a city-wide search for their cab.

Kathleen says that Brent and Josh will not drown.

Because they don’t know about the drama elsewhere in the leg, the lost four will hold hands and cross the mat together.

We usually get two non-elimination legs per season. We’re at our final six so it’s almost time to have one. It is little early but not by much.

So if we follow that thread, the drama of the day will be who gets the speed bump.

Some of that thinking, okay most of it, is because that’s what I want to happen.

More of it is from the TAR production crew’s side of the screen. No matter how production arranges things in reality TV, it’s still got real people having real things happen to them.

Production has to scramble to get everyone back on track to even out the legs.

All that said, there is a precedent for option two. If the lost four cross the mat ahead of the rockers, Phil can just go out on the street, find the rockers and tell them they are done.

Go to the embassy to get new travel doc’s and we’ll see you at the finish line. It’s happened before.

If they do that in the opening of a new episode, they are going to have to really cram a lot in to get another full episode into the time frame.

The previews don’t help much.....

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