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The Amazing Race 22: How Stupid Was That? Here's The Rankings!
Rankings by Logan Huffman
March 11, 2013

Jessica and John
It didn't have to happen.
This week on 'The Amazing Race 22', the leg continued as teams raced to Bali, Indonesia.

The trailing teams managed to leap ahead by getting onto the first flight, while lead teams fell behind after securing later flights.

Once in Bali, Bates and Anthony fell into last place after a taxi driver took them in the wrong direction.

Meanwhile, Jessica and John struggled at the Detour, and while Jessica wanted to use their Express Pass to ensure their safety, John insisted on holding on to it.

A memory Roadblock stumped many of the teams, as they struggled to figure out how to reach Phil and the mat high on a cliff.

In the end, John's stubborness to use their Express Pass cost them dearly, as he and Jessica became the first team in the history of 'The Amazing Race' to be eliminated without using their Express Pass.

Here are this week's rankings.....

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