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Second Sight TV
Top Chef: Ranking The Top Five
By Brian Sikorski
September 18, 2007
Hey there everyone!

Here's the rankings for last week's episode of "Top Chef" "Dinner at 20,000 feet".

Due to computer issues, I don't have a recap of the episode so be sure to check out Kari's recap.

She does a great job. She may not have my sarcasm, but hey, who does?

Current Ranking: 1 - Previous Ranking: 5

Damn I hate to say it, but you've won two in a row and are not as annoying as you once were. Maybe you were faking us out in the beginning. I still don't care for your whining, but you've been doing pretty good. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Current Ranking: 2 - Previous Ranking: 6

You missed a portion but those who did eat it, liked it.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Current Ranking: 3 - Previous Ranking: 4

You're like a roller coaster. One week you do well like this one where you won the Quickfire and were in the top for the elimination challenge, other weeks you just miss the mark. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sara M.
Current Ranking: 4 - Previous Ranking: 2

You keep getting praise which speaks volumes for your food but what still doesn't settle well for me is the attitude that you seem to have. You just have this holier-than-though attitude like you are looking down on everyone else. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Current Ranking: 5 - Previous Ranking: 3

You keep missing with your dishes and haven't won or gotten any considerable amount of praise for your dishes in some time. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Eliminated: Episode 11

I can't believe that you are gone. I didn't taste the broccolini, but everyone hated it. You shouldn't have served it. With your elimination, I just don't know. It seems like with you gone, its the best of the worst as Gordon Ramsey would say on Hell's Kitchen. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Eliminated: Episode 10

Every week, it has been the same thing. Pigs can rest easy everywhere. You've been eliminated. Oh and P.S., a cigar is long and slender. You're nubs looked like a suppository.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Eliminated: Episode 9

I am speechless! I can't believe you are out. I thought you were going to take it but what you did take was the fall for your team and that is what a Top Chef does.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sara N.
Eliminated: Episode 7

I pulled you up the list last week only to have you show your ass (well, not really, you showed something else) and as a result you were eliminated. I'm also glad you are gone so I can stop putting an M or N to tell the difference. I'm lazy.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Eliminated: Episode 6


Eliminated: Episode 5

I must say I was as surprised as you were when you got eliminated this week. Well, actually I called it half way through the EC. But I didn't think you would swing back to your old ways so quickly. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Eliminated: Episode 4

I've got to say I was surprised that you are out this quick. I thought you would have lasted longer but unfortunately you made a bad call with your pineapple upside-down cake.

Eliminated: Episode 3

If I hadn't seen what you did for the elimination challenge myself I would not have believed it. I think you didn't give it your all because you weren't happy with the subject and you didn't think the elks club would notice.

Eliminated: Episode 2

You need to listen to what you are instructed to do. By your own comments you knew you wouldn't be around to see a top spot but I didn't think you would be out this soon. Keep learning and growing.

Eliminated: Episode 1

Do I even need to say anything about this guy. I have been to many a southern restaurant that is trying to do high-end things. It's very hard to make southern truly elegant and what you were doing was so far away from elegant and that's why you had to go.

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