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The cast of The Cut WHO WILL MAKE "THE CUT?"

Recaps & Scoreboard by Matt Eickhoff
CBS has unveiled the identities of the participants in THE CUT, a new reality series with iconic design mogul Tommy Hilfiger, whose rags-to-riches journey is the basis for the competition in which these contestants will find themselves. Literally living Tommy's life in fast forward, these 16 style-savvy contestants will compete in a series of grueling style assignments which test their talent, business acumen, sales and marketing expertise, social skills, resourcefulness and style IQs. The series will premiere on Thursday, June 9 (8:00-9:30 PM ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Hilfiger hosts the series and will ultimately offer the winner an American dream come true -- the opportunity to design his or her own collection under the Tommy Hilfiger label, and to become the next great American designer.

Looking for creative genius, Hilfiger has chosen 16 hopefuls from various regions of America. Living in a Manhattan loft, this colorful and eclectic group ranges from a desperate housewife in St. Louis who hopes to escape from suburbia, and a Brooklyn street artist who is looking to provide a better life for his five kids, to a New Orleans socialite used to the finer things in life, and a spirited 21-year-old former Miss Minnesota who is looking to prove she is much more than a pretty face. Each week, these 16 contestants will face an exacting and demanding Hilfiger. Out of this intense creative challenge, which will test their ability to handle diverse and unexpected situations and assignments, the next generation's great designer will emerge.

The 16 participants:

Los Angeles
Age: 35
Professional Skate Boarder and Freelance Designer
The son of Cuban immigrants, this self-made skateboard pro is unrelenting in his work ethic and stubborn to a fault.

Age: 42
Married with 2 children
This fashion industry veteran has the self confidence to claim, "I have the potential to blow the mind."

West Hollywood, Calif.
Age: 23
Retail Manager and Stylist for a boutique on trendy Melrose Avenue
This avant-garde, brash stylist clashes with her fellow competitors as much as the off-the-wall clothing she wears.

San Francisco, Calif.
Age: 26
From the wrong side of the tracks, this Hilfiger fanatic is looking to grab the attention of his idol.

New Orleans
Age: 25
Creative Director
The "All American boy with a twist" employs lethal tactics to get an edge over his competition in this game.

St. Paul, Minn.
Age: 22
Miss Minnesota USA, 2004
A Midwest beauty queen who wants to prove she is much more than a just a pretty face.

Chesterfield, Mo.
Age: 24
Sales Associate
This Russian beauty is looking to use her natural assets to charm her way to the top.

St. Louis, Mo.
Age: 37
Married with 3 children
Full-Time Mom
A desperate housewife who is looking to escape suburbia.

West Hollywood, Calif.
Age: 30
This Beverly Hills business woman causes storms of controversy with her sharp and biting manner.

Age: 26
Fashion Stylist
This fun and vivacious stylist has much to say -- to the dismay of the other contestants/

Nashville, Tenn.
Age: 25
A football-loving, southern boy who wants to prove that great designers can be found in unexpected places.

New Orleans
Age: 39
Married with 2 stepchildren
A New Orleans socialite who is used to the finer things in life who will have to adjust to a whole new world.

Brooklyn, N.Y.
Age: 35
Married with 5 stepchildren
Graphic Designer
A Brooklyn street artist looking to make a better life for his wife and kids.

Age: 42
This experienced couture designer thinks he has this competition wrapped up -- or so he is convinced.

Philadelphia, Penn.
Age: 22
Freelance Designer
This business savvy designer is looking to turn the fashion industry on its head with her urban chic.

Encinitas, Calif.
Age: 27
Production for a sportswear company
A guy's guy from the beaches of San Diego ... don't misjudge his laid back approach.

THE CUT is produced by Lions Gate Television in association with Pilgrim Films and Television. Craig Piligian serves as executive producer along with Peter Connolly, President of Worldwide Marketing for Hilfiger. Darren Maddern and Eli Frankel are co-executive producers.

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