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The Voice: Jacquie Swallows An Old Lady
Recap and Commentary by Sharon-anne Osenenko
November 26, 2013

Anyway, Tess is going to sing No Doubt's "Underneath It All." I doubt there's any way she can mess this up.

See what I did there?

She says it's going to be an big old party, and it is.

Carson tells Adam it's too bad he couldn't find a good song for Tessanne.

Wait, what? Oh, he's being sarcastic.

Carson, don't do that. You're not good at it.

Adam says this is an amazing moment for Tessanne. He says the song was tailor made for her.

Cee Lo says it was awesome. He pulls out some Jamaican speak, but he sucks at it. Then he says that he's been to Jamaica and knows the rugged landscape, which has nothing at all to do with Tessanne's singing, but he says that she is the beauty born from that place.

I just... ugh.

Christina is dismayed that she only has thirty seconds to fawn over Tessanne. She feels like this is the first time Tessanne really broke it down and tapped into her truth. She offers her a reggae version of "What a Girl Wants" that she did on tour.

Please don't do that, Tessanne. Adam, no. Just stop.

Caroline Pennell is up next. She's the only Team Cee Lo member left. She is teary in a gelato place, talking about how she was in the bottom three.

She says she wants to do something surprising this week to have a moment.

So she's going to sing "Dog Days Are Over" by Florence and the Machine. Oh good gravy.

Cee Lo asks her if she's ready to fight. Krazy Kat Robichaud was totally ready to fight. Just saying.

This isn't terrible, but I really feel that Caroline is at her best on quieter, cozier songs. Her big notes have a tendency to get swallowed by her back up singers.

Cee Lo is very happy and very proud. He wrote a poem for Caroline. One of those ones that don't rhyme.

I'm not sure if he's perving on her or if he's trying to pull a fatherly, big brother type thing.

Either way, ew.

Carson tells Adam to "top that," which brings me straight here: Return to the 80's.

My apologies.

Adam says he wrote a little something too, but then admits he didn't and says "I can't write!"


Adam says this was such an important thing and he doesn't know how she felt going in to it, because it was so different for her.

He says she did the best thing she could possibly do at this point of time.

A lot of what's coming out of his mouth.....

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