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The Voice: Jacquie Swallows An Old Lady
Recap and Commentary by Sharon-anne Osenenko
November 26, 2013

We go to commercial, and have you guys seen these Sprint ads with James Earl Jones and Malcolm McDowell? Every single time James Earl Jones says "Totes McGoats" I have to cross my legs so I don't pee. It's that funny.

Our final performance tonight will be from Joisey, who is kind of growing on me. Not enough to stop calling her Joisey, though.

She's going to sing "Who's Loving You" by the Jackson Five.

Christina has a serious Jackson thing going on this season.

Christina wants Joisey to stop smiling so darn much and get angry. She and the choreographer work to beat all the smiles out of her. Not literally. I don't think.

She succeeds in not really smiling through her performance, but you can tell she's thinking real hard about it.

Also, she can open her mouth wide enough to fit a small child in.

Carson tells Christina that we're off the air in three minutes, so don't babble. Christina doesn't listen.

It all boils down to "I love you."

Adam thinks it's amazing that she can convey that amount of heartbreak at such a young age. He says that she needs to meet a nice boy.

Blake thinks it was full of energy and it was powerful.

Carson gives Cee Lo twenty seconds, and Cee Lo uses those seconds to tell Jacquie that he was going to say something similar to what Adam said, "It's like you swallowed an old lady or something."

Glad we squeezed that in.

Tuesday we get to send two people home, and watch a whole bunch of performances that don't matter.

Who do you think is leaving us?

Got thoughts? Post them at the end.

Sharon writes for fun and profit from her sunny Mom Cave in Central NJ. She's married with two daughters and a dog, and plans on keeping them all, as of right now. She loves quiet, solitude, large boxes of Dove Sea Salted Caramels and larger glasses of wine.

You can follow her on Twitter @SharonanneO and like her on Facebook Email her at; she'll respond as soon as she sobers up.

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