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The X Factor: What Are The Odds?
Commentary by Idolhead Ed
November 4, 2013

Restless Road
Odds on favorite?
It is a very interesting venture to watch the odds bounce alongs as The X Factor season progresses.

After Wednesday I think we will all have a better idea of how things will shake out. As we have seen in the past with all these shows it is really rare that the early frontrunner wins. I think this year it might be right on the money.

If you read my earlier post you know I had my predictions on who would leave when.

You will notice it doesn't mirror the odds chart or my favorites.

But every season of every show someone goes home early who isn't expected to.

The greatest X Factor example I can give is Ella Henderson from last season's X Factor UK. In fact that might the biggest fail in all seasons save maybe Siobhan Magnus or Pia Toscano on Idol.

Got thoughts? Post them at the end.

Look for it this year because there is an overload of good talent this season compared with any we have seen here in the last two seasons.

12. Sweet Suspense: 50-1
I am very surprised to see them this low but I have this gut feeling they will rise quickly. They will garner a large part of the tween vote. If they improve as I suspect they will they will soon move from the bottom of the pile to the top.

11. Tim Olstead: 14-1
Singing well is not enough. There are a few others that might learn this lesson sooner than later or they will be early rejects.

10: Jeff Gutt: 14-1
He should get the rocker vote but that's just not enough.

9. Carlos Guevara: 14-1
We'll see how three weeks practice does for him.

8: Carlito Olivero: 12-1
His time on the show should be spent building a mini fan base so he can at least make a living off his X Factor fame.

7. Elona Satiago: 12-1
Elona is good enough to do well after the show but unless she can pull of what she pulled off in the last round she will get swallowed up by the top tier.

6. Khaya Cohen: 10-1
Really great voice, really dead pan eyes. Wretched combination. I would be surprised if she lasts that long if she doesn't show she is human not machine.

5: Rion Paige: 9.5-1
When I think of great 13 year old singers I can only think of one. Carly Rose. Rion is a good singer but if she had to compete with Carly - think steam roller. If Carly couldn't be out a raod paving Country singer, Rion has a hill too high to climb. IF she does last this long she will be starring in your next Disney scripted show.

4. Alex and Sierra: 6.5-1
It would be cool if they won but stiff competition awaits them. I think as the show goes on we will see how they grow and even now I see these guys in the top 3.

3. Rachel Potter: 6-1
Could easily see her winning this show. Country is hot right now. She is a far superior singer to the one who actually won last year. I think there is no way she doesn't at the very least make the finals.

2: Lillie McCloud: 4-1
Talented? Yes. This.....

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