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This page contains useful information for present and future RTVC Staff Writers.

Please read it carefully.

Shows We Cover:
Below you will find a table containing future Reality TV shows that we plan to cover. The list in not all-inclusive, there are lots of shows out there and if you are interested covering something you don't see listed please let us know by emailing the editor:

You will find names listed where positions have been filled. If no name is listed that means the position is available and you are welcome to volunteer. We work on a "first to volunteer gets it basis". The only exception is existing writers for the same show. For example: Kathleen is recapping the current edition of The Amazing Race. She has the right to recap all future editions of The Amazing Race as long as she wants them. You can always request to be "next in line".

Remember there is no limit on the number of commentary writers for a particular show. The more the better!

If you see an error, your name where it shouldn't be, or your name missing, please notify me immeadiately.

If there is an open assignment and you want it, please let me know as soon as possible.

If there is a show that you want to cover and don't see it here, please let me know. We'll set it up.


General Information and Style Guide:
Below the table you will find some general information and style guidelines that will help you in writing for Reality TV Calendar.

Upcoming Shows --- Last Updated Sept. 1, 2016
Show Premieres Recaps Commentary
Dancing With The Stars Sept 12, 2016, ABC Writers Wanted Writers Wanted
Survivor 32 February 21, 2016, CBS Not Needed Stimpy, Dr. EJ
The Voice 11 Sept 19, 2016, NBC Writers Wanted Writers Wanted
The Amazing Race 28 Unknown, CBS Kathleen Writers Wanted
The Bachelor Unknown, ABC Writers Wanted Writers Wanted
The Bachelorette Unknown, ABC Writers Wanted Writers Wanted
Biggest Loser 19 Unknown, NBC Donna Powers Not Needed
*Tentative Date
**Working Title

General Information:

I live in the east coast time zone. My office hours are very flexible. Generally I am at work by 5am and off by 3pm Monday thru Friday. That does change as needed. During Big Brother it is pretty much 18 hours a day, 7 days a week with breaks as I can take them.

An article submitted after 3pm eastern will generally wait until the following morning.

I prefer to receive everything before noon, eastern time, if possible. Remember the earlier I get it the more people will read it. A recap sent in a day or two late will not get the readership it deserves because people have read a recap elsewhere.

Article Types:
Recaps - A recap is a blow by blow description of what happened during the episode and should be a comprehensive as possible. However the writers opinions can and should be included. Readers want to know what the writer thinks about what happened. Recaps are assigned and we run only one recap per episode. Recaps are assigned to one writer for the duration of the season. The writer has the right of first-refusal for the next season of the same show.

Commentary - Commentaries should never be another recap. Commentary is all about the writers feelings and thoughts. Don't hold back. Being snarky is good. Go ahead and rant. Say what you want, as long as it is not racist, sexist etc., we will run it. Readers love this stuff, so have fun and let it all out. Commentaries are not assigned. You do not need to contact me first. We will print as many commentaries about the same episode as we receive. If you tell me you are going to write a once a week commentary about a show I will include you in the promotion for that. But if you just want to write a piece when you feel inspired, that's fine too.

Scoreboards/Rankings - A top down ranking of the contestant with comments on each ranking. These are assigned to one writer for the season. The writer has the right of first-refusal for the next season of the same show.

Article Length:
Recaps - 1,000 words per half hour of programming is a suggested minimum. There is no maximum.

Commentary - A minimum of 500 words, a thousand or more is prefered, 5,000 is even better. There is no maximum.

Scoreboards/Rankings - No minimum or maximum, however 250 to 300 words is appreciated for the introduction paragraphs. No minimum or maximum on the individual player's comments.

Expressing Your Opinion:
Please do! It does not matter whether you are writing a recap, commentary, or scoreboard. Readers want to know what you think. Don't hold back. If you have read one of our "Big Sister" pieces you know that we don't hesitate to skewer the show, network, production team, or cast. Being critical is no problem. However please keep in mind that we do this because we love Reality TV. And there is nothing wrong with praise when you think it is due.

This is a judgement call and that's my job. Generally speaking if you are quoting somebody on the show and it is contained within "quotation marks" I will print it. For example: This week on The Real World Joe told Frank to "Fuck off!" would be allowed. Beyond that it is my call to make. I will no longer print f**k or anything similar with asterisks. If you mean fuck, type it out. Profanity will not be used in the headline or title.

Self Promotion:
Do you have your own website? I'll be happy to link to it in your bio-sketch. Just send me the information.
Are you selling a product? If you have a banner ad I will be happy to run it next to your bio-sketch. Just send it to me.
Of course there is no charge for this.
But that should be the extent of self promotion on the site. Please remember we are writing about the shows and that is what the readers are looking for.

All headlines are written by the editor. Writers are welcome to make a suggestion but all headlines should be written with this in mind: the purpose of the headline is to get the reader to open up the article by clicking on it. The more dramatic the headline, the more the article gets opened. And I won't comment about what this means about society, but the fact is, "sex and scandal sells".

Style Guide

The following are a few general rules to be used when writing for Reality TV Calendar. If you follow these you will make my job as an editor a lot easier and you will have my gratitude. It could also get you bumped up on my lottery list.

The "lead" or first sentence of every article must include the name of the show. This is a google requirement to get the piece properly listed. Here's an example. "Last night on Survivor Fiji....." If you don't include it, I will rewrite your lead.

The number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 should be spelled out. For example "nine". Any number that is the beginning of a sentence should be spelled out. There are a few exceptions, scores, times, currency. Any number, for any reason, 10 or above can be expressed numerically. For example "15".

Please Avoid:
Please avoid the use of "..." Please, please, please avoid this.
Please avoid the use of "&".
Please avoid the use of (parenthesis). Sometimes a writer will use (parenthesis) to indicate they are commenting on an event or expressing their opinion. It is not necessary. The reader will understand it is your thoughts. Please don't use them.
Please avoid the use of all CAPITAL letters. If you wish to emphasize a word, please use italics or bold.

Spelling and Grammar:
If you are writing your article in Microsoft Word or a similar product please run a spelling and grammar check on it before sending it in. If you don't have a product equipped with that option, don't worry about it.

Article Format:
It is preferred that articles be submitted in Microsoft Word ".doc" format or "Open Office" .odt format. If you have neither of these you can download a fully functional version of Open Office and use it free forever. Open Office is a clone on Microsoft Office. You can download it from here. I use it and I recommend it. However a simple ".txt" file can used if need be and I do accept articles as the body of the email if needed.

If you have written an article and it is posted and then you notice an error, please send me the correction. Corrections are never a problem and are always appreciated. I will act on it as soon as I open your email.

My Response:
I always send a thank you note after I have posted your article. If you do not receive one and you have checked the front page of the site and don't see it headlined please email me immediately. Chances are I did not receive it. I will never not print something and not contact you. Most articles are sent in "over-night" and will be posted before 9am eastern.

I'm always happy to answer:
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